Hodges Park
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Hodges Park

In the early 1940's, A.J. Hodges, a pioneer conservationist, began a vast reforestation effort in west central Louisiana. Included was a 4,700-acre experimental arboretum, and within this area an abandoned stone quarry was discovered. Mr. Hodges and his wife, Nona Trigg Hodges, recognized its potential and created a unique scenic garden utilizing the natural rock formations. Named for its founders, Hodges Gardens Park and Wilderness Area was opened to the public in 1956 and is now owned and operated by the nonprofit A.J. and Nona Trigg Hodges Foundation.

It may be hard to believe, but the 4,700 acres now known as Hodges Gardens, Park and Wilderness Area were once widely called the "most barren" in Louisiana. By the early 1900's stonemasons and lumbermen had utilized and abandoned the land, leaving the area stripped and barren. It was the vision of A.J. Hodges, Sr., that turned this wasteland into what you see today - the largest privately owned horticultural park and recreation area in the United States.

Hodges is a beautiful combination of natural scenic areas and artfully designed formal gardens tucked in the rolling pinelands of West Central Louisiana. It is a nature and adventure lovers delight with natural beauty year-round... birds and wildlife at home in the woodlands... a beautiful lake sparkling in the sun.

Hodges has become one of the most spectacular attractions offering 70 acres of gardens, a 225-acre bass fishing lake, miles of hiking and biking trails, and RV and wilderness camping.

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